PT Sinar Pure foods | Production Process
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The production process at PT Sinar has been through good production process (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Certificate of Eligibility from the Department of Fisheries and Processes to meet the standards of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) which is a requirement for exports mainly to Europe.


Before going into production, fish that are received will first be examined by the Quality Control through organoleptic check and to evaluate its histamine levels. Cold chain system is strictly implemented to maintain good fish quality.

Precooking And Cleaning

Precooking aims to kill harmful bacteria and germs as well as to facilitate the next production process, which is to take out skin, head, tail, bones and brown meat parts of fish, leaving only white meat part or so called loins.


Clean loins and flakes have to pass through metal detector before these are arranged in the packshaper and filled into the cans. Through moving conveyor, filled cans are passed on for medium filling and hermetically sealed or seamed ready for sterilization. Seaming checks are intensively done to ensure proper seaming of the products.

Sterilization, Labelling And Packaging

Sterilization is a process of preserving canned tuna using high temperature and sufficient time to kill bacteria, yet preserving the taste and good appearance of tuna inside the can. Sterilized products are incubated under room temperature for 10 days, inspected and ready for labeling and packaging to follow buyer’s brand (labels) and master cartons.