PT Sinar Pure foods | Commitment
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PT. Sinar Pure Foods International Commitment on Sustainability

As a manufacturing company that was purposely built for canned tuna products, PT. Sinar Pure Foods International, located in Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia; known as highway for tuna, has always been committed to contribute to national and global mission on sustainability. Since its first commercial production, PT. Sinar Pure Foods International has been packing and delivering for world’s best tuna brands. With the fervor to continuously introduce one of ocean’s best products, in 2013, we have started producing for the local market with varieties to match the rich native flavors and preferences. Sinar Pure Foods International aims to continuously grow while preserving natural resources, keeping its most valuable asset; the people to develop their skills and welfare. Implementing social responsibility and ethical trading are believed to be ways to keep a long term business existence.

Global Sustainability

Aspiring to help protect the ocean ecosystem, PT. Sinar Pure Foods International participates in various organizations, both government and non-government. We welcome any science based research and initiative intended for long-term and sustainable method of catching and use of tuna stocks. Some of these research and training programs are being done by International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), International Pole & Line and Hand Line Foundation (IPNLF), Association of Pole & Line and Hand Line Operations in Indonesia (AP2HI). The latter has acquired Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for pole and line and hand line caught tuna at the end of year 2020.  As an active member, we have finally received our MSC Chain of Custody. We are also an active member of Earth Island Institute (EII), complying to its monitoring program.

Compliance to Scheme Against Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported Fish

Indonesian government has implemented extensive working policy to fight against IUU, including being an active member to several regional fisheries management organizations. We are responsibly and deliberately complying to the requirements of monitoring vessels from which fish are supplied from. Close updates with national and international requirements are being done through all means like website, consultation with related government and non-government organization, buyers, and suppliers. This include requirement on the reducing by-catch associated with Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs).


To be able to demonstrate compliance to non-IUU fishing, we ensure that fish raw materials are well traceable by records to its origin and source. Provision of catch certificate allows to trace back volume of caught and processed fish, name of fishing vessel as well as its updated license, area of catching, period of catching for specific production lot of canned tuna that we produce.

Shark Finning Policy

In line with our commitments to sustainability PT. Sinar Pure Foods International supports resolution 12-01 by International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) to prohibit shark finning adopted on January 23, 2012, in Miami, USA. We also encourage our related stakeholders, mostly of course the fishermen to ensure through its effective management to comply with this resolution to ban shark finning and refrain from transaction with vessels that engage in the practice.

PVR (Pro Active Vessel Register)

The PVR scheme indicates commitment to specific practice in sustainable tuna fishing. Therefore PT. Sinar Pure Foods International encourages its stakeholders involved in the fishing to participate in this program by voluntarily allowing their vessels to bear signage for public to declare their commitment to sustainable fishing practices.

Business Ethics

PT. Sinar Pure Foods International abides to Indonesian laws and labor regulation on minimum working age (no child labor), maximum allowable working hours, compliance to minimum wage and other requirements it pertains. There is no discrimination on recruitment and career as to gender, race, and religion. Employees are selected based on skills and profession.

Environment Friendly

We put so much effort to be involved in a green manufacturing concept. By actively participating in the government PROPER program, PT. Sinar Pure Foods International is able to maintain its BLUE rating . We are continuously working on zero waste program. Solid wastes of raw materials are turned into fish meal  product, while liquid waste are processed for fish oil and the remaining waste water are properly treated to produce acceptable waste water that can be used to water plants inside the vicinity. Monthly waste water analysis prove compliance to the national standard requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

Since 2012, PT. Sinar Pure Foods International started the Taekwondo club for mostly children and teenagers from surrounding community, to learn not only the arts of self-defense but respect and discipline. Greater achievements have given this club recognitions to motivate other clubs to follow its performance.